Our Brands

Limedot has developed the Insolvency sectors leading platforms:
Insolvency Australia, Insolvency Talent, The Insolvency Helpline and Insolvency Marketing.
​​These platforms support the insolvency and restructuring sector in promoting their services to referrers and clients, sourcing talent to assist clients, offering a consumer Insolvency Helpline and with Marketing support for professionals.

Insolvency Australia

Insolvency Australia, the first and only online insolvency platform featuring the country’s ASIC Registered Liquidators and AFSA Registered Bankruptcy Trustees. The comprehensive platform helps Australian businesses, individuals and their trusted advisers find registered corporate and personal insolvency practitioners around the country, in an easy and convenient way.

Insolvency Talent

Insolvency Talent is a dedicated, focused and specialist recruiter working exclusively and nationally in the insolvency sector. Our talent recruitment service makes it easy for you to connect with the right people. Whether you are an employer or a potential candidate, take the first step towards matching the right talent with the right roles, at the right firms.​

Insolvency Helpline

Whether you are an individual struggling with debt, a business owner facing financial difficulties, or a trusted adviser (e.g., an accountant or lawyer) supporting someone in need, our helpline provides access to experts who can offer valuable information and guidance for making informed decisions. Our panel consists of certified practitioners registered with ASIC and AFSA, ensuring you receive reliable options tailored to your unique circumstances.​

Insolvency Marketing

Recognizing the need for a transformative solution, Insolvency Australia has joined forces with Active Directions, a trusted advisory partner. Together, we aim to empower insolvency firms to unlock their business potential, fostering strategies to maximize growth and value for shareholders and partners alike..​

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